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Institute for Distance Education Academy is an Institute which provide distance educational services to all the aspiring candidates who are in service sector or in any other sector who aspires to get distance education for their up gradation in knowledge and job status.
We provide students with a wide range of services that will help them thrive and grow, weather it is career counselling or admission consulting- we’re here for our students, wherever, whenever.
We understand that sometimes things can get challenging and confusing, so we are here to ease the pressure of carrier choice from day one.
Our Story


I have been associated with education sector for over the decades now and have never witnessed such diversification in this system before, as change is the new trend in this modern soceity and in order to cope up with such future challenges we all should make ourselves more equipped and ready to accept the new changes.
One such change that I have witnessed in the modern world is technologies and inventions and to process such life changing and forthcoming innovations one should also get proper education and knowledge so that we all could adopt them in much more organic way.
As many of us are already into our selective professional world and couldn’t make out time to gather knowledge to face this dynamic world. In other scenario we also have friends who have quick need to economically support their life and family and couldn’t get time to attain the basic education to enhance their knowledge and skills.
For such and many more challenges I have planned to open this institute “Institute for Distance Education Academy” and help people to make themselves ready for the upcoming challenges, to fulfil their dreams at their working profession and to make themselves ready to enter the global market.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission of Institute For Distance Education Academy is to make higher education more accessible by taking education to the door step of the learners & to provide access to high quality education irrespective of age, region, religion & gender.
It’s mission is to offer need based academic programmes by giving professional & vocational orientation to the courses expansion of open fair & quality education to bring peace and prosperity to society.


The institute for distance education academy is an initiative by Hindi Siksha Peeth Patna. The institute head office is in Patna and the main objective of the institute is to promote intermediate and post intermediate level education in order to encourage self-dependency in today’s time. As education is the only key to attain knowledge and skills and easy access to it helps each of us to become more eligible to attain market opportunities.
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